Meldio: Open Source GraphQL Backend

For Building Delightful Mobile and Web Apps

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Blazing Takeoff

Describe data elements in a few lines of intuitive schema definition language and Meldio will provide a GraphQL endpoint with filtering, ordering, paging and aggregation that works great with Relay and React.

Ultimate Versatility

Complex data mutations are defined with modern JavaScript and beautiful APIs. Mutations run entirely on the server, enabling code reuse across mobile, web and desktop and access to more than 250,000 npm packages.

Flexible Security

Setup the social and password logins, then configure Meldio's functional authorization to the security model most suitable for your app, whether it is ACL, role-based, attribute-based or anything in between.

Powerful and innovative features

Built for developers, by developers

Designed for Mobile

GraphQL was developed to address the challenges of delivering mobile applications on a large scale and is now serving billions of users across many different platforms and devices.

Enhanced GraphQL

Meldio leverages the GraphQL type system to automagically provide powerful paging, filtering, ordering and aggregation expressions on list and connection queries.

Simplified Relay Integration

Meldio plays well with Relay right out of the box. You’ll never have to look up the spec to recall the correct shape of things like plural identifying root field, connection or mutation.

Developer Tools

The Meldio development server is built around a command line interface tool to maximize developer productivity. We built Meldio for developers and developer happiness is our mission.

Schema Definition Language

Meldio extends the GraphQL schema definition language with directives and expressions that simplify a number of common patterns. This helps manage complexity as your app grows.

Mutations API

Meldio provides a beautiful API for defining server-side data mutations, which abstracts the idiosyncrasies of database backend and provides a truly idiomatic GraphQL interface.

Modern JavaScript

Build crisp server-side code using the latest JavaScript features, such as async, await, destructing, template strings and modules. Meldio will lint, transpile and put on a bow tie.

Social and Password Logins

While Meldio integrates instantly with Facebook, Google and Github OAuth2 authentication, you can also just rock email & password login like it’s ‘99. More providers are coming soon.

Functional Authorization

Meldio authorization is based on functions that, depending on the current user and execution context, return Node type filters and mutation execute permissions.

Coming Attractions

We're building many awesome features, here are some of the highlights

One command deployment

Deploy to the cloud with a simple meldio deploy. Meldio takes care of provisioning, security and scaling.

Real-time updates

Real-time subscriptions for pushing data changes seamlessly from the backend to all connected devices.

Geolocation types and queries

First-class support for position and area data types, location and distance queries and mutations.